The Industrial Revolution Summary Packet

7 the commercial revolution helped lead to the industrial revolution because during the commercial revolution 1 the barter system was instituted 2 new forms of business were developed 3.

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The term industrial revolution was used to describe the period before the 1830s but modern historians increasingly call this period the first industrial revolution this period was characterized by developments in textiles iron and steam led by britain to differentiate it from a second revolution of the 1850s onwards characterized by steel electrics and automobiles led by the u s. 8 a long term result of the industrial revolution in europe was 1 an increase in the number of small farms 2 a decline in international trade 3 a general rise in the standard of living. 4 bell ringer for october 13 2015.

The process began in britain in the 18th century and from there spread to other parts of the world driving changes in energy use socioeconomics and culture. In 1700 wealthy landowners began buying up much of the land that village farmers had once worked. Start studying industrial revolution packet.

According to some this turning point in history is responsible for an increase in population an increase in the standard of living and the. A revolution in farming also helped pave the way for the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution was the transition from creating goods by hand to using machines.

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