Industrial Revolution Facts And Figures

Population and housing figures for the 3 census returns up to and including 1851 show that population boomed whilst housing provision lagged behind.

Industrial revolution facts and figures. Two stages of industrial revolution the first stage of the industrial revolution 1770 1870 centred on steam water iron and shift from agriculture. Cholera accounts for another 30 000 lives. Industrial revolution facts when studying the industrial revolution it can be easy to get lost in the amount of detail from the period.

John snow studied the. The second stage of industrial. The industrial revolution involved a prolonged evolution in the nature of economic activity.

The industrial revolution was a period between the late 18th century and early 20th century which saw rapid growth in mechanisation industrial production and change in society. March 30 2012 de leave a comment. Many remarkable things were invented from 1800 1900 and this included the steam engine which was first developed in the u k.

Learn where and when the industrial revolution started and the inventions that made it possible. These changes had a massive impact on people s social and cultural life as well as their economic conditions. John snow s work on cholera published.

The industrial revolution refers to a period of rapid economic and social change between the end of the eighteenth century and the mid nineteenth century. Famous inventors of the industrial revolution. It may be defined as the process of change from an agrarian and handicraft economy to one dominated by industry and machine manufacturing the revolution began in great britain in the mid 18th century and spread to other european countries including belgium france and germany and to the united states.

Alot happened in just 150 years and it can be difficult to choose which key events are most significant. Return of cholera again. The industrial revolution occurred when agrarian societies became more industrialized and urban.

The industrial revolution was a major event in history. Famous people of the industrial revolution. Industrial revolution in modern history the process of change from an agrarian and handicraft economy to one dominated by industry and machine manufacturing.

The industrial revolution is the name given to the enormous changes that took place with technology farming mining manufacturing and transportation from the middle of the 18 th century through to the middle of the 19 th century.

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