Industrial Earrings Piercing

Here are the nicest jewelry for industrial piercing.

Industrial earrings piercing. Check out our variety of colors and wild barbell designs to grab industrial jewelry just for you. Different size of earring can be used all of them will look pretty and cute. See more ideas about industrial piercing ear piercings industrial piercing jewelry.

An industrial piercing can describe any two pierced holes connected by a single barbell. The industrial piercing actually consists of two piercings in one. Most piercing studios offer industrials but to ensure the most enjoyable experience choose a clean studio and a piercer you re comfortable with and follow all aftercare instructions.

You can choose various earrings such as rings cbrs or studs. A straight barbell sometimes referred to as an industrial barbell when used in this piercing type connects the two ear piercings which are usually located in the helix and anti helix. The most common jewelry for the industrial piercing is a barbell.

Throw that plain and boring industrial barbell to the wind because we ve got some eye catching charms and dangles to bring your industrial piercing game up a notch. On small ears two studs would look awesome. Aug 14 2019 i ve had mine since august 16 2015.

An industrial typically describes two separate piercings in the upper cartilage of the ear that are connected with a bar. Even if you like some simplicity we have some barbells for you.

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