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Causes of industrial revolution powerpoint. This industrial revolution resource includes a 22 slide powerpoint and 22 slide cloze notes version on the main causes and significance of the industrial revolution. The agricultural revolution in the 18th century the agricultural revolution created a surplus of food. Saw the spread of the industrial revolution to places such as.

While football was developing in public schools mob football in britain was dealt its biggest blow in the form of the industrial revolution. The emergence of capitalism european imperialism efforts to mine coal and the effects of the agricultural revolution. The industrial revolution first began in britain in the 18th century but soon spread throughout europe and north america.

Materials take notes from the ppt slide and video link. The industrial revolution marks a major turning point in history as it hugely impacted the way societies in the world would function in the years to come. Causes of the industrial revolution 1.

This was a period where machinery was invented and developed in britain which resulted in the. For example the powerpoint details. Causes of the industrial revolution in england 2.

For factories farms and homes. Working class family working class family working class family the causes of the industrial revolution. Mass production particularly of consumer goods.

British colonies could be used as a source for raw materials as well as a marketplace for manufactured goods. Effects of the industrial revolution 1 effects of the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution from england to north america to the world slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance and to provide you with relevant advertising.

The agricultural revolution the impact of coal and iron in the industrial revolution the role of european imperialism and britain s role in the industrial revolution. Know what started the industrial revolution and why it originated in great britain through its 10 most important causes. Six causes factors the helped the industrial revolution explore.

Auses of the industrial revolution sum up. Germany japan and russia. Energy revolution the industrial revolution began in britain because of their.

At the very bottom were the factory workers who made up the working class. If you continue browsing the site you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Electricity became the primary source of power.

Historians have identified several causes for the industrial revolution including. The second industrial revolution took place between about 1870 and 1960. This caused food prices to go down.

British families could save money and use this money to buy manufactured goods. Take note from the ppt slide and video link.

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